Wither storm mod (Age Of Minecraft/Engender)

In order to spawn a wither storm, you need its fusion item, which is done by either surrounding a wither skeleton or nether star with two soul sand at the side, 3 wither skeleton skulls on top, and two diamond blocks top right and left corner. You then need to put it in an engender mob spanner with 1 coal and wait for 2.5 minutes to have your strongest ally . Or, you can spawn it like a normal wither, but with a command block replacing the soul sand in the center of the formation.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Wither Storm, until it fully pulls together in its Destroyer phase, acts like a normal Wither, apart from only the main head shooting skulls only. It attacks in creative mode but it won't do any damage and instead, they give wither and nausa. Plus it Plays The Same Music that Played in Minecraft Story Mode when it was Made. It plays The Music over and over and over again. (Which is pretty annoying)

While its command block is exposed, any potion will do massive damage to it before the cycloptic stage.

Initial[edit | edit source]

This is the stage it starts in. The wither storm starts at 300 hp (150 hearts), it's similar to a wither but has a command block in its rib-cage, shoot flaming wither skulls, and only shoots skulls from its main head. It can only eat items.It can destroy the ghaster.

Humpback[edit | edit source]

The wither will gain a small mass on it's back, this will happen at 1000 hp (500 hearts), it will become immune to arrows in this stage and have a slightly larger hitbox. But still, it can only suck in items. The wither storm was found in Minecraft Story Mode. Ivor created the wither storm

Cycloptic[edit | edit source]

The back will grow larger and its middle head will become a wither storm head. After it eats more blocks, it will cover its command block and gain its tractor beam. Once it covers the block, it is immune to potions, and once it gains the beam, it can eat Mobs (this happens at 6000 health)(3000 Hearts). At 8000 health (4000 Hearts), it gains a tentacle out of its side.

Destroyer[edit | edit source]

This is the larger version of the Wither storm that has multiple tentacles and heads that can spit multiple flaming skulls and eat multiple mobs at once as well. Just before this stage, it quickly reassembles it's body in the Cycloptic stage, turning giant while doing so. Once it is fully assembled, all 3 heads become wither storm heads and can eat mobs independently, usually happens around 12.5K hp, It grows 5 giant tentacles that can slap mobs nearby. The Command Block can now be found in its core.

Devourer[edit | edit source]

Grows a huge mass on the top of it leaning down back at 50K hp, it grows 2 larger tentacles with 200 health , damage, and range. It also can sever if dealt with over 5K explosive damage, losing a lot of mass in the process.

Thunderstorm[edit | edit source]

The final stage of the Wither Storm.now ti can summon servered Wither Storms Gigantic, covers almost all of the sky and causes a thunderstorm that lasts forever until killed, health 250K+ hp

The maximum health a Wither Storm can have is 2200000000 hp(2.2B)it can lag your game a lot and may be crash it.

Severed[edit | edit source]

A variant of the Wither Storm. Spawn when either the Wither Storm gets large enough, or it hit by a very powerful explosion in the Devourer stage and up. Has 1000-1500 health, Less damage, and less armor, and doesn't attract things (Though it can still suck in mobs). The Main Wither Storm spawns in one about every 3 mins once at around 1M+ hp.

What not to Do.[edit | edit source]

Never use a Repeating Command Block with a Button or Lever to Summon it in. It will Lag your Entire Game out and Possibly make that World Unplayable. Never have anybody get Op in a World with The Mod if they have pulled Very bad Pranks on you. They couldkdododododododorofor Spam click The iSummon Wither Storm Item On The Ground. Since it drops a lot of XP it can lag out your game (and it also does that when it grows a little bit.

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